Louise Wallwein has made 20 films with young people and a range of animators and musicians around the UK, working for Bolton at Home, Home Mcr and UCLAN.


Mr One Million is a short film that tells the story of Danny, a young unemployed man from Breightmet. 

In September 2011 film makers Paul Hine and Mark Haig and writer Louise Wallwein worked with the young unemployed in the Breightmet area of Bolton. The aim of the project was to engage with the young men, increase their confidence and raise aspirations and motivation levels. 


This film follows a man who struggles to come to terms with the loss of his partner. Isolated in his house, he tries to ignore his inner conflict, burying his thoughts and emotions deep within.

Created by a group of young people aged 16-19 as part of the Cornerhouse BFI Film Academy 2.

Fall won Best Film at the BFI awards 2015


An animated film poem written and directed by Louise Wallwein with animation by Cab Huf.

Made while Poet in Residence of Queensland 2006

Projected on the window of The Judith Wright Centre Brisbane