“Wallwein peoples her story with a deft and accurate physicality which it is a pleasure to watch” Wallwein has a wonderful voice – warm, expressive, Mancunian to the bone – which she uses as a musician plays an instrument SpyintheStalls

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My living breathing hero -Lemn Sissay
“She is fierce, funny, self-deprecating, warm, tough and sometimes very small indeed, showing her vulnerability. Most importantly, she has a refreshing take on this story.”

Ailís Ní Ríain-Playwright on Glue

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“Her use of, and joy in, her native Manchester dialect informs her work - bringing music and humour to her language.  She is a great performer of her work.”

John E McGrath, Artistic Director, Manchester International Festival




"Louise is a remarkable playwright, theatre-maker and collaborator with a distinctive voice and theatrical flare.”

Sarah Frankcom, Artistic Director, Manchester Royal Exchange



“Engagement with people is at the heart of my writing.”

Louise Wallwein